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Better outcomes for victims/survivors of sexual violence and families affected including children of perpetrators.

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Our mission is to help rebuild the lives of those affected by sexual violence by providing funds and resources to those affected and raising awareness in the community.


Our vision is to create a community where survivors and families have adequate access to resources and financial support while recovering from trauma. We also work to create awareness to the general public about the prevalence of sexual violence in our society.

WISH Can Provide: 

1. Funds to victims/survivors for items not covered by Crime Victims Reparations Board and County Victim Services

2. Replacements of material items lost after sexual violence

3. Funds for families with children of incarcerated perpetrators  


On April 9th, 2022, Danielle Leukam spoke at the STRONG(her) event in St. Cloud, Minnesota. $550 was raised to help launch her mission of helping survivors and families affected by sexual violence. 



Your donation supports sexual assault survivors and their families, including families of incarcerated perpetrators, through grants and access to resources that inspire healing. 

Looking for a Public Speaker for Your Event?

Danielle Leukam is an author, nurse, advocate against sexual violence, public speaker, blogger, and sexual assault survivor. She is the founder and president of WISH: We Inspire Survivor Healing and serves on the Survivor Advisory Group to the Governor of Minnesota. 

Click here to book Danielle to speak at your event! 


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